The main source for the astronomical/cosmological knowledge in the essay, On Goduniverse, came from the book Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos by Dennis Overbye.

I, David Eli Barchas, mostly known as David Eli or David, wrote the essays and also wrote the lyrics and the main melodies of the songs. 

Medicine Story wrote the sentence, "Love is life believing in itself," that appears in Covenant of Peace.

In the songs We Can Stop World War 3, Just as Much Mashiach…Jamm, Good Shabbos, and Smile Love, I was greatly assisted by Ephraim Barak, who was the recording and mixing engineer and who also contributed to each of the songs some outstanding musical themes and embellishments.

In the four songs mentioned above I do the lead singing. 

The brief keyboard solo in We Can Stop World War 3 was written and performed by Yossi Chajes.

Avi Barak provided the drumming in We Can Stop World War 3 and in Smile Love.

The English version of We Are Many We Are One involved several studio sessions at PRS, Haarlem, Holland, beginning in 1986.
Music production:  Paul Jan Nelissen
Lead vocals:  Benito Dorthuizen / Del Richardson / David Eli
Choir:  Ellen van Eldik / Joyce Julienne / Dominique van der Lande
Keyboards: Glenn Gaddum / Daan van Rysbergen / Robert Gaasterland
Guitars: Victor van Kampen / Junior / Sander Janssen
Bass: Lesley Joseph / W. Dykgraaff
Drums: Ron Jansen
Mixed at: Zeezicht, Spaarnwoude, Holland
Recording and mixing engineer:  Sander Janssen 
Special thanks to Paul Jan Nelissen and Sander Janssen for all their generous help and to the whole wonderful musical cast.  This song was originally recorded under the name For Peace with the F.M. Force Band in Kingston, Jamaica in 1985.  

In 1990 a Hebrew version of We Are Many We Are One was recorded and mixed under the name Anu Rabim Anu Echad, using a shortened instrumental sound track of the English version, and the two versions with a playback were made into a D.J. record.
Music production for the D.J.:  Johnathan Cohen
Hebrew translation: David Kriss / Johnathan Cohen
Hebrew lead vocals:  Miki Mayers / David Eli
Hebrew choir:  Nurit Cohen / Anat Edri / David Eli
Recorded at:  Zound, Tel Aviv, Israel
Mixed at Triton, Bnei Brak, Israel
Recording and mixing engineers in Israel:  Kobi Eshel, Shahar Zarfati