israel, answer your critics

israel, answer your critics, many of whom openly or secretly hate you.

they say, "stop the settlements," and they do not say "stop the 'honor' killings," they prefer not to talk about "honor" killings, so they would impose a "peace" that does not begin at home, and we need to understand that true peace must begin at home.  arabs need to make a deep and lasting peace with their mothers, daughters and sisters before they can make a deep and lasting peace with their jewish neighbors, yet a large majority of arab mustlims still support "honor" killings at the time of this writing.  israel's critics are mostly too afraid to talk about and condemn "honor" killings, clitorectomies (that is, female castration), stonings for adultery, etc., and so they would impose a "peace" that would not be true or deep or lasting because it does not begin at home and may never deal with issues at home.

and they say "stop the settlements."  yet there are arab villages all across israel, so why can't there be jewish villages in what yehudim (jews) have for more than 3,000 years called yehuda vayshamron (that is, judea and samaria, otherwise known as the west bank).  and since building and natural growth is allowed and happening in the arab villages in israel, then to disallow or advocate against building and natural growth in the jewish villages in judea and samaria is racist.  many of your critics throughout much of your history have had a racist dislike of you, israel.  some unfair demands of some of israel's critics sometimes come from a hatred of yehudim that looks upon them as a threatening, cancerous growth.  then there are other critics who simply misunderstand the conflict and see it as mostly territorial instead of as mostly religious, cultural and ethnic.  don't appease your critics, israel, stand up to them, answer them.  insist on your right to natural growth in your jewish villages in yehuda vayshamron, a right which arabs exercise in their villages in israel.

and bnei israel (children of israel), yehudim, you have a natural right to live in yehuda vayshamron, you have a natural right to live in eretz israel (the land of israel) - tell this proudly to yourselves and to the nations.  and do not agree to any palestinian state in eretz israel being  judenrein (literally, "clean of jews").  some of your critics at the time of this writing would create three judenrein palestinian states along your borders, one being the state of jordan which is mostly palestinian arab and is several times the size of israel, another being a palestinian state in judea and samaria ruled by the palestinian authority, and a third being a palestinian state in gaza ruled by hamas, and all three would be judenrein as jordan and gaza presently are.  bnei israel, do not take down any more of your communities, do not dismantle any more of your villages in eretz israel.  stop trying to appease your critics and enemies by agreeing to their judenrein agenda.  there are so many arabs living in israel; yehudim certainly have a right to live in yehuda vayshamron in eretz israel.

the arab-israeli conflict is not mostly about territory or “settlements”.  in 1967 before the six-day war, when judea and samaria were ruled by jordan and there were no jewish villages there, arabs still threatened to drive israel into the sea.  in 2005 when israel evacuated all its villages in gaza, this only intensified the hostility of gaza arabs for israel.  the arab-israeli conflict is first and foremost about jihad, a word and concept that some of israel's western critics are very reluctant to refer to or to criticize.  this conflict is further fueled by the "honor" killings culture in arab muslim society which prevents a peace that can begin at home, where every deep and lasting peace must begin.  and the conflict is additionally fueled by all the negative references to yehudim in islamic texts.        

the six most important things to put on the agenda in peace negotiations between israelis and arabs that would lead to the creation of a palestinian arab state at peace with the jewish state of israel are 1) both sides mutually letting go of blame, 2) stopping "honor" killings, 3) stopping jihad killings, 4) dealing with insulting and hateful references about yehudim in islamic texts, 5) stopping all racist incitement, and 6) finding a solution concerning the temple mount.

yehudim and people of all faiths need to be allowed to pray peacefully on the temple mount.  bnei israel can someday reconstruct the meeshkahn (the tabernacle) and place it on the temple mount alongside the mosques.  let us share this vision now with ourselves and with our arab neighbors and with all human beings.

israel, be patient.  do not rush into an unreliable and untrue "peace."  let us see how the oslo accords and the gaza disengagement blew up in our faces and let us understand why.  a deep and lasting peace that begins at home and with education for an end to racist incitement and for both sides mutually letting go of blame will take several generations to create.  do not be fooled by the formula of "land for peace," for that only legitimizes violence, it says, "if you don't give us this (disputed) land then we have a legitimate right to be violent with you and to kill you."  seek peace for peace, not land for peace.  let there be peace for peace, and then maybe we can talk about land.

let's put things in perspective.  look at how much more the world and its leaders and media are presently talking about the so-called "israeli settlements" than about darfur, congo, and the other mass killing fields of our time.  this is because of anti-yehudimism, and it's a shame.  let's grow up and stop hating yehudim.  let's stop hating and start loving.  and let's really come to the aid of the victims of our world's worst atrocities, including mass murder, mass rape, and starvation - let's insist that these atrocities stop.

may there be peace, and may peace begin at home.