on evolution: mutation according to purpose and need and design

that life has been evolving is something that virtually everyone will come to accept. the real question is, by what process has life been evolving? in particular, what is driving the direction of mutation, of gene changes in present and future generations?

i believe the neo-darwinians are mistaken in their belief that mutation is governed purely by chance. certainly there is some mutation that is governed by chance, but the significant force that guides mutation and evolution is according to purpose and need and design felt in goduniverse and in the mutating organism. the purpose and need cause the seed of an individual to mutate according to a preexisting design in the universe, in god.

instead of chance mutation passing the test of "survival of the fittest," i believe mutation based on purpose and need and design is predetermined to be the most fit to survive. the mysteries of goduniverse are guiding mutation and evolution.

i also believe there's an as yet undiscovered system in each creature or organism which, responding to that creature’s environment, causes its seed to mutate in a direction that will bring a more secure and comfortable existence to its descendants. its seed miraculously mutates in a direction that will continue over future generations to bring the descendants some very needed benefits, and this system exists in and of god, for we are in and of god.

look at wings. wings are a good example because the first wings to come into being were probably clumsy and imperfect and might therefore not have had a survival value and might even have diminished the survival ability of the animal. yet perfect wings eventually evolved into existence in spite of this. birds, who are descended from dinosaurs, evolved wings out of need. perhaps some smaller dinosaurs were being chased and hunted by bigger dinosaurs, and those smaller dinosaurs needed to evolve wings as a safety solution, and their seed and later generations from that seed went through the necessary mutations for perfect wings to eventually evolve. there was already a design, there were many designs for wings in the universe, in god. once the environment created a sufficient purpose and need for wings, a design for wings was followed which guided the mutation and development of wings.

it's as if there's some hidden system in each living being that's asking the question, how can my seed change so that future generations of my descendants will have a more secure and comfortable existence in this world? this hidden and presently undiscovered system then triggers its answers into concrete genetic mutations over many generations, and those mutations follow a preexisting design in the universe.

so first there's a purpose and a need that induce mutations that follow a preexisting design in the universe, whether it's a design for wings, or whatever. i believe what darwin called "survival of the fittest" is more like a fine tuning mechanism in the evolutionary process rather than the major tuning or major determinant of the direction of evolution. explaining the major directions of evolution as the result of chance mutation which is then subject to "survival of the fittest" seems like such a dark vision of life to me. i'd rather believe that life is mutating and evolving according to purposes and needs and preexisting designs in goduniverse and in god's living creatures who are all of god's essence.

there are purposes and needs and designs in the universe for so many things. wings for example are designs that are maybe all over the universe on the numerous planets where life evolves. wings are a preexisting design waiting to manifest and are triggered by a practical purpose and need. just as an oak seed contains the design of an oak tree which it sprouts and develops into, so the earth is like a giant seed in god - we can call it godseed earth - and it is sprouting the only kinds of life in the only directions that it can, given all of the factors it is subject to.

there are too many amazing biological miracles for me to believe that they're the result of chance mutation. how can complex organs like the brain and the heart be the result of chance mutation? and there are even some creatures that have the camouflaging ability to change colors to whatever they're resting on – how could such a miracle be from chance mutation? and look at how fast bacteria and viruses are mutating into new strains of resistance against the medicines that modern medicine has been using against them. the very speed and clever strategy of these mutations suggests that mutation is directed by purpose and need and design much more than by chance. all life on earth can be thought of as one being, and the unfriendly bacteria and viruses that have been afflicting us can be thought of as the immune response of that one being against our species which has destroyed and devastated so much life on godseed earth till now.

and what is the overall direction of the evolution of life on godseed earth? i would like to think it is towards more awareness, and more kindness and gentleness. look at blue whales for instance, the largest of all creatures here on godseed earth, they’re pretty aware and kind and gentle. wouldn’t it be nice if our human brains are already physically evolved enough and all we need is some new programming in those amazing brains to become more aware and kind and gentle.

in summary, there is something purposeful about the direction of mutation of life on godseed earth and throughout goduniverse. let us be in awe at the magnificence and holiness of god's works and designs. let us protect life and be as gentle with it as we can, starting at home with our own human species. let us be kind, end war, and stop killing and disturbing so much godseed earth life. goduniverse is holy and is filled with purpose. we are many we are one.