kahf-aleph b’shvat 5776

Press Release

We are many we are one.

At www.peacecircle.org is a Covenant of Peace that I believe is prophecy and is the “covenant of peace,” the ”brit shalom” that was promised in Ezekiel, chapter 37 verse 26.  I believe Covenant of Peace, together with other writings at peacecircle.org, including 10 Points for Peace, as well as the music there, God willing, will do as much as any other educational material to advance peace and justice in our world.

I invite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt, and King Abdullah II of Jordan to my small home in Tsfat, Israel to discuss the peace understandings and proposals and visions at peacecircle.org.  Alternatively, I am willing to travel to see them.  I want to speak with these leaders and with all the world's leaders and with the leaders of their oppositions about the peace solutions at peacecircle.org, especially concerning non-violence, a peace that begins at home, power sharing, aiming for consensus in decision making, gradual disarmament, an end to starvation and hunger and malnutrition, the reforming and transforming of every government and of the United Nations towards much more justice, helpfulness, unity and light, and more. 

I invite all of us, all families, friends, groups, peoples, organizations, companies, boards of directors, county, state and national legislative bodies, and the United Nations General Assembly to place Covenant of Peace on our agendas for discussion, and to search for ways to amend it that will create the broadest possible consensus among our members.

This invitation to a peace process is addressed to all peoples, whether or not we are presently represented in the United Nations, and to all the ethnic and religious and territorial conflicts in our world.  May we all work for peaceful resolutions of all conflicts and for the protection of life.

Earlier editions of Covenant of Peace were published in Arabic translations in Al-Fajr (Jerusalem, 18/4/84 and 23/8/92), Al-Ittihad (Haifa, 12/2/93), Kol El-Arab (Nazareth, 12/2/93), and Al-Quds (Jerusalem, 8/5/99 and 26/10/01).  An earlier edition of the disarmament proposals was reviewed by October Weekly (Cairo, 4/4/93).

With blessings of peace and health and happiness for us all,

David Eli Barchas
Tsfat, Israel
+972 4 697-1753